Important Instructions :

Login at Mail Server: Please use URL for login ....more
Security of Account: It is responsibility of user to secure their account. ...more
Mobile Service: Users browsing emails on their cell phones or other similar electronic devices, can opt for IMAP services ...more
Check Spam Folder: Users are requested to check their ‘Spam’ folder regularly. ...more
Deleted Emails: If user deletes an email, it moves to ‘Trash’ folder. ...more
Folder Management: In order to mange emails in folders, server transfers all 'INBOX' mails to a new folder every month, ...more
Searching Facility: To search an email in folders, user may use 'Search' facility ...more
Mailing Lists: Mail server has three major mailing groups, you may read and post in mails in appropriate group ...more
Official Email: This is your official email, please use it for official purpose or in public interest ...more
Help and Contact: Please contact BIC staff (EPABX 110 or phone no. 6665110) for problems related to the access of mail server. ...more
Alternate E-Mail Template: You can also access your e-mails via alternate template at