Welcome to CSIR-IMTECH Mail Server

Instructions for IMTECH-Mail users.

1. Instructions for Login at Mail Server: Please use URL for login, if you are physically present in IMTECH campus (i.e. office or IMT Housing). Please use URL http://webmail.imtech.res.in/ for login, from anywhere in the world. (i.e. outside IMTECH campus).

2. Security of Account: It is responsibility of user to secure their account. Users are encouraged to change passwords on a regular basis. Users should not share their passwords with anybody. User account holder will be responsible for any misuse. Do not reveal your login, password etc., even when asked by an email or otherwise.

3. Mobile Service: Users browsing emails on their cell phones or other similar electronic devices, can opt for IMAP services where incoming and outgoing email server is webmail.imtech.res.in OR with port number 143 .

4. Check Spam Folder: Users are requested to check their ‘Spam’ folder regularly. It is possible that your genuine mails may be filtered to this folder and shall be available for 15 days only.

5. Deleted Emails: If user deletes an email, it moves to ‘Trash’ folder. User can recover their deleted email from ‘Trash’ folder upto 15 days.

6. Folder Management: In order to mange emails in folders, server transfers all ‘INBOX’ mails to a new folder every month, e.g. for the month of April, 2010, the name of folder will be APR2010. User can move their mails to any other existing or new folder for better organization of messages.

7. Searching Facility: To search an email in folders, user may use ‘Search’ facility available at one of the top lines of the page after logging in.

8. Mailing Lists: Mail server has three major mailing groups, you may read and post in mails in appropriate group. Please do not post any email to these mailing lists until you are sure that email is important for most of the group members. Use this mailing list for official work only, not for personal use (advt. etc.).

9. Official Email: This is your official email, please use it for official purpose or in public interest. You will be held responsible for the emails emanating from your account.

10. Help and Contact: Please contact BIC staff (EPABX 110 or phone no. 6665110) for problems related to the access of mail server. In case of any email problem, users are requested discuss with Sh. Harvinder Jassal. (EPBAX 455 or phone no. 6665455), or send email (jassal@imtech.res.in or feedback@imtech.res.in or imtech_feedback@yahoo.com). In case the problem remains unsolved for five days, user may contact head BIC.